About Us


In 2011 I was working in the health and fitness industry but dreaming of doing our own thing. Nancy was working in the local maternity unit in Wallingford and knew nothing about running a business or the fitness industry. But somehow I managed to convince her that turning a barn into a gym in the village where we lived would be a good idea. So, with a young family of 3 boys in tow we took the plunge and opened the Barn in November 2011.

We initially opened as just a gym until we started running a couple of classes in local halls and Spin on the mezzanine area with only 6 bikes. In July 2012 we opened the studio with just 16 classes a week and since then we have continued to add and update our class timetable keeping it varied and interesting.

Our aim was, and still is, quite simple, to create a club where people of all ages, sizes and fitness abilities feel welcome and we always look to continually improve what we offer and move forward. 

We've raised tens of thousands for charities, we've seen some incredible transformations, we've been on the radio and made the national papers, we've danced, we've partied, we've ran, we've been 24 hour fitness people, we've volunteered in Kenya and we've even climbed a bloody big mountain!

When asked if it's what we thought it would be? No it's not, it's become  so much more than we ever imagined.

We're so proud of it and hope you enjoy the Barn too. 

Spencer & Nancy